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4) ANTI-BACTERIAL – protects against any ulcerogenic causing bacteria like h-pylori, e-coli and others

5) ANTI-HYPERGLYCEMIC – reduces sugar glucose and lipid levels and regulates oxidative cellular stress in diabetics

6) ANTI-CLASTOGENIC – free radical scavenging properties due to its high Vitamin C level, as well as strong neuro-enhancing properties for brain and cognitive function (chromosome health)

7) ANTI-DEPRESSANT – using its nutritional content to normalize neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, it’s helpful in enhancing mental health and mood imbalances

8) ANTI-OXIDANTS – free radical scavengers neutralize oxidative stress in the body. It also aids in controlling blood lipids to help prevent bad cholesterol plaque formation

9) ANTI-BLOATING – very high fibre content, aids in proper metabolism and good digestion for bowel health

10) ANTI-TUMOR – phytochemicals (contains niaziminin) that inhibit cancer cell growth and tumors by blocking the cell growth factors

*information stated above is for nutritional matters only and do not involve diagnosis or treatment protocol of any disease, please consult your health practitioner*


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